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The Amazing Race of Madawaska

It's no surprise that we are running out of trails for equestrian use in Ontario. Thanks to urban sprawl and other factors, trails that used to be available to equestrians are disappearing. That is why I jump at the chance to support new distance rides in Ontario because if we don't, these trails may disappear.… Continue reading The Amazing Race of Madawaska

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Fun in France – Part 3

The day had arrived! We got to officially meet "our" horse for the next 6 days. We piled on all of our layers, fully aware we would be riding into snow that morning and had a quick breakfast of breads, croissants, jams and coffee.  Since the plans had changed, we would be staying in that… Continue reading Fun in France – Part 3

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What Happens When an Endurance Rider Runs a Marathon

Anytime I try to explain my sport to a non-horsey person (hell, sometimes even to horsey people too), the go-to line is that Endurance is like Marathon on horseback. Of course, as anyone in the horsey group understands, the response from the non-horseys is generally "oh but the horse does the work, so its not… Continue reading What Happens When an Endurance Rider Runs a Marathon


Have you created a training plan yet?

With daylight savings happening last week, we have an extra hour to ride in the evening! Which means training begins NOW! Have you prepared your training plan yet?

Eat Sleep Ride Repeat

March is a tough time of year for getting out riding.  I don’t know about you, but by this time, I am no longer excited about the snow and the cold.  I find more excuses not to ride than i would have early in the winter, even though I know that now is the time to start ramping up my training.  Its just the cold…. I am so sick of it.  It has gone on long enough!  This year is particularly bad, because we had a brilliant warm snap in February, so going back to temps near -20C feel more like I am jumping into the arctic ocean than looking toward spring.

So what do I do instead? I make my plan for the year!  Its a great time to start because it will help me be accountable for the next few weeks while temps remain below 0, but it will also…

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Call for Help! Head Shaking in Horses

Starting around this time last year (end of March), Splash developed headshaking.  For those not familiar, this article does a good job of explaining.  https://thehorse.com/14095/headshaking-in-horses/  The easiest way to describe it is the equivalent of a migraine in humans.  Something triggers the pain and different things affect different horses. Since I am running out of… Continue reading Call for Help! Head Shaking in Horses

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You Might Be An Endurance Rider if…

*cover photo courtesy of Wendy Webb photography Well, I did have the idea to write a humorous “you might be an endurance rider if” article for you, a la Jeff Foxworthy, but the recent issue of the AERC magazine has me changing the tone. I’ve been humming and hawing about whether or not to renew… Continue reading You Might Be An Endurance Rider if…