Out past 9

Had a wonderful dinner last night with Sheena, Erin, and their friends Kate, Acey and Adrianne who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time.

Went to Boiler House in the Distillery District.  My favourite district of Toronto, and probably the place I visit most frequently.  I think it came as a surprise to the girls that the only one who knew how to get there (me) was the only one who didnt live in town.  Haha. If you have never been… GO… NOW!

While I love everywhere in the DD, Boiler House has become my favourite indulgence.  Yes its expensive, and the portions are like those you see on TV for fancy restaurants – seemingly small, but when you take the time to enjoy your company and laugh through your whole meal, its more than plenty!  This place really brings the emphasis away from the “im hungry lets eat” mentality of going out and lets you just have those special moments that we all need.

We had the benefit of the Winterlicious menu which kept things a little cheaper, but the wine did me in!  They have a very extensive wine list in case you needed a little extra motivation 😉 

Get out and enjoy winterlicious if you are near the city, itss a great way to try something new on a dreary day.



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