Weekend Sunshine

What a beautiful weekend we had for the beginning of February.  It wasn’t just free of snow, and wasn’t just warm, it actually FELT like spring.  The smell was that of a crisp spring morning, the birds were chirping, and the wind just had that right feel to it. Of course, I had to take advantage of that!

Fortunately for me, the owner of the horses that I spend my weekends picking up after wasn’t riding, so on Saturday, I got to spend some daylight with Bentley.  Something that hasn’t happened in weeks!  Maybe even since I first got him.

Sadly, we aren’t comfortable riding outside yet and rode in the arena instead.  We had the easiest time yet putting his bridle on.  He has been very ear shy since i got him and most days bridling him seems like a wrestling match, but it was almost perfect!  Next we did slow work in the ring as we were sharing with a young lesson.  I am very proud to say that bentley is now able to distinguish the difference between leg yielding (does it both ways!) and my leg pressure for bending around circles.  Didn’t try it in any of the upper gaits yet, too nervous to undo all the good work!  His trot was so calm and slow too, he was vibing off of Polar (pony) and was possibly the calmest I have ever seen him under saddle.

I hand walked him in the outdoor sand ring after his beautiful performance.  He was still very excited that he could see and talk to all of his friends, it wasn’t easy to get him to do much of anything I asked.  Oh well it will just take some patience!  Hopefully we can get lots of outdoor work in time to hit the trails come real spring.

I brought my camera out to the field after and took some pictures of him and his friends in the sunlight, i need more for my desktop background at work!  He was so cute and affectionate, always coming up and snuggling with me.  Made it hard to get back far enough to get a decent shot!  He seems to like eating things these days and took a good nip at my camera and walked off with one of my gloves (i wasn’t wearing it, fingers are ok!)  I felt bad leaving him, the other horses don’t seem to like to play with him and just ignore his attempts to start game.  We miss Fraser!

I will post the pictures another time, I’m at work and don’t have them right now.  But I did get that canter video uploaded.  Here it is!


That’s it for today!


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