Quiet night

Last night I chose to give Bentley a break after our big ride on Tuesday and just groom him and fawn over him for an hour.  Heather S also came out for the evening, which was a great surprise to me since we had not planned anything and she is rarely there in the evening.  She admitted that she had read my blog and knew I was going to be there… so here’s your shout out Heather! 

She showed me the photos of her 3D ultrasound.  I had never heard of this before, and boy is it ever interesting!  It looks like someone took photos of her little boy from right inside her stomach.  It is incredible how far along technology has come.

Bentley thoroughly enjoyed his grooming, and with some mood music he dropped his head and stood quietly as I detangled his tail, I think he almost nodded off on me!  Hes coming along so nicely, usually he gets pretty excited in the crossties if I don’t hustle and get him tacked up quickly (partly my fault since that’s where he gets the most candy!)  Luckily he seems to like staying clean and grooming never takes very long.  I keep saying, once he turns white hes going to just LOVE rolling in poop and mud, it just seems to be the way light coloured horses are.  If you need proof, take a look at this photo of Fraser from last spring:

After I took B back out to his field, he didn’t go back to his friends, no he sat by the gate staring at me with big sad eyes.  Was he honestly sad that I didn’t put him to work?  Poor guy stayed there watching me as I went back to my car and for I don’t know how long after I left.  It may sound silly but I am starting to think he doesn’t get enough play from the other horses in the field, and really looks forward to our rides as his release.

Maybe I’m not completely crazy thinking that, come to think about it, I never have to lunge him or walk him anymore before riding. He stands quietly at the mounting block, and doesn’t seem to care about girthing.  All signs point to an awesome horse in the works!


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