1 Week Sugar Free

I thought I should provide some updates as to how I am doing without sugar.  I am doing better than I expected!  But I have made a few mistakes here and there.

The first was while working at the barn on the weekend.  I always bring granola bars as snacks, and chose the “Healthy” marketed one.  Some sort of quaker one with pictures of honey on the front and a whole bunch of nuts.  Well turns out honey isnt the actual sweetener used.  Oops!  At least it specified it was brown sugar, less processing right?  Same thing happened with yogurt, I always figured they were artificial sweeteners, but not the particular brand we had sitting around our fridge.

So sugar was hiding everywhere!  In all my snacks.  A trip to the grocery store would help me find some appropriate snacks.  I believe that was sunday.  Anyway, it was a pure test of willpower as we went down the aisles.  I very much wanted to get every Cream Egg, donut and granola bar in the place.  It didnt help that Lee decided he wanted to get ice cream AND waffle cones.  I tried to convince him that he wanted the styrofoam cones, but no luck.  He was wise to my schemes.

The last few days have been a lot easier.  Sometimes its very difficult to look in the cupboard and see that its filled with sweet treats, and pass over them for almonds.  Other nights it has been easy.  Days arent so hard since I keep unsweetened applesauce and roasted soy beans for snacking in my desk.  So long as it isnt around, I am fine. 

One big change that I have incorporated that will be something thats easy to keep, is eliminating my morning instant oatmeal.  Instead, I made up this recipe:

1/2 cup large flake oatmeal
10 blackberries
1 handful blueberries
2 tbsp toasted almonds, chopped or crushed
1tbsp agave or maple syrup

Throw it all in a tupperwareor similar container (lid must seal) and bring it to work.  Then all you have to do is add boiling water, about enough to just see it below the top layer of fruit.  Stir.  Put lid on top.  Check it again in a minute, stir again.  Repeat 1 or 2 more times and you are done.

Its a really great alternative to the instant oatmeal since the flakes are processed less, and you are replacing sugar with fruit and more natural syrup sweetener.  It does take a little bit longer to absorb the water, but it does work!  The nuts add a nice crunch and good flavour with a bit of protein as well.  Plus it only takes me a minute to throw it together, just a little longer than remembering to put that oatmeal packet in my purse. It was also a way for me to use up my blueberries which had gone wrinkly from age, the hot water cooks them nicely and they are plump, sweet and tangy.  I am going to experiment with other fruit once I run out of these.  Nothing will go to waste!  Oh and might I add, everyone at work will be jealous of your breakfast!

22 More days to go.


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