Groupon for Theraputic Riding

I am planning on buying this deal for Lee, but wanted to share it with all of you as well.

Stepping Stones Riding Academy   is a Theraputic riding stable located in Hornby, 10 minutes down the road from GEC or right around the corner from Bahr’s.  This actually came as a surprise to me as I have never seen it before, yet drive by there frequently.  Thank goodness for Groupon telling me!

I keep bugging Lee to learn how to ride, but I know that B, no matter how wonderful he is for a green horse, is not an appropriate first horse for Lee.  I know riding would be good for him because of his arthritis in his hips and lower back, the natural movement of the horse would really loosen up the joints and strengthen those muscles.  I bet it would really help with his pain and stiffness.  So what better place to start than a place that specializes in riders with disabilities?  Perfect fit!

He actually did get in the saddle once, on Sable.  Due to his movement restrictions (and too small a saddle for him), he started while sitting on the cantle, with his feet out in front of the horse.  After 5 minutes of walking around, his seat relaxed and he was sitting correctly in the saddle.  Just proof of how good riding can be for him!  After 10 minutes, he was sore and ready to get off.  Little bits at a time is all he needs.

Some day I hope to get him riding with me on hacks.  I know he is missing out on so many beautiful trails and fun experiences you can only get on horseback.  I must admit, I have been looking at the classifieds excitedly and thinking of getting him a horse, but for now I will save the extra board money and use it towards our entry fees and possibly shoes  this summer.  Maybe next year once he has a bit more experience 🙂  Although, i did see one for a free ex RCMP horse…


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