Followup on my Challenges

Challenge #1 – Sugar
I broke my sugar rule last Sunday.  It was Heather S’s baby shower, and a special occasion with cupcakes and whatnot.  I couldn’t be rude!  Other than that, I haven’t had any problems with keeping my resolution this week.  I don’t seem to crave it as much anymore and I have found a lot of great substitutes.  With the beautiful weather, I am coming home only to change, so I am not tempted by the treats that are still sitting in our cupboard.  I just come in, put on barn clothes, grab an apple and head out the door.  The core becomes a perfect treat for Bentley too.  It usually lasts me long enough to be nice and hungry for 7 when I come home for dinner.  I am also not looking at dessert as a necessity, which was a big part of this challenge!

Challenge #2 – Growing my own vegetables
On Sunday, after Mona passed, Lee and I decided to do some positive retail therapy.  We went down to Rona and shopped for plants and seeds.  I cant think of a better sort of shopping spree to have.  Ask me a year ago, it probably would have been clothes, but my priorities have been changing a lot and I am so happy with it.  We found large tropical plants on clearance sale to turn our living room into a jungle, and also these very nice ceramic pots on super clearance.  Perfect for herbs.  Also bought about $40 worth of seeds.  A packet of everything, and 2 packets of lettuce.  I like to take whole heads of lettuce to work and make my own fresh salad for lunch every day.  I can leave all the ingredients there and not worry about lunches for the week.  That was my reasoning behind 2 packets.

Well I probably should have read the instructions and label better, because each packet of lettuce contained 1200 seeds.  I think that’s more than enough for me AND my rabbit.  Haha.  Oh well, hopefully they don’t expire. 

Sunday night, after the baby shower, I started my planting.  Herbs in the indoor/outdoor pots, and veggies in those compostable mini planters.  The big mistake I made was not labelling them.  oops!  Well I guess I will figure out what they are when they produce!  This is what I seem to remember planting:
Some other herb…… hmmm what did I plant again?
Chili peppers

sweet peppers
some sort of squash (came free with the lettuce seeds)

Still to plant (directly outside as per instructions)
Green Onion
Some other things too… I will have to check again.

Last night, Lee took a look at my seedlings and behold!  The Lettuce is sprouting!  This is very exciting for me, I am usually so bad with plants, but I have been trying so hard, it feels like quite the accomplishment.  Here is proof:

Not a great photo, but the best I could do at night with my phone.  I am still waiting on the others to sprout, but the packets all said 7-14 days so the fact we have lettuce already is astounding.

Update: as I write this, Lee sent me another picture.  They are growing fast and it looks like we have some new sprouts.  Now if only I could remember which was which.

(click for larger image)

Challenge #3 – NEW! Get running
This is two challenges rolled into one.  The first half of it is to start running.  My Garmin is all charged up and ready to track my mileage.  I am hoping to increase distance and speed a little bit every day, starting with walking.  Not sure exactly what my goals are yet, but I think I can dedicate about 1/2 an hour to it, so we will start with that.  The second half is finding that half hour of spare time.  I’m going to try and start waking up a little earlier every morning until I can eventually fit my run in before I leave for work.  That’s the plan at least.  Right now the snooze button gets well used.  Wish me luck!


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