When it Rains, it Pours

While Environment Canada issued false thunderstorms for yesterday, we weren’t without clouds in our lives this week.

Today Lee has the task of getting all those “need to do” things done.  The first is having the vet dispose of Mona, something they were asking $400 to do if we wanted the ashes, down to $120 if we don’t want the commemorative box or urn, but it still sounds like a scam to me.  Anyone have any experience with this?

Next, our car is making funny noises.  So we need to get that fixed immediately.  Just sounds like a belt is rubbing, but Lee wont let me drive with a single thing wrong with the car.  It has been happening since our last oil change, and progressively getting louder.  DJ told me that a friend of hers went in for an oil change and on her way home, the belt slipped right off.  I would have thought they would be more careful!  I suppose I am lucky.  Maybe we wont get charged.

Lastly, Bentley is definitely sick.  He is coughing more just when out in the paddock, and is very phlegmy.  So the vet is coming in today to look at him and see what is up.  We think it might be a respiratory infection, which is probably the most favorable outcome.  I would rather that than long term difficulties such as asthma or heaves.  When I was telling the vet his symptoms, he said that younger horses are more susceptible to infections.  I guess Bentley is still considered to be pretty young, at least compared to his buddies in the field.  Oh the joys of children.  Haha.  Another vet mentioned (on forums I regularly read) that they are treating a lot of horses for respiratory distress this season because of the irregular weather creating bad quality mouldy hay.  Mr PeeStainedNose has been rooting around in the bad stuff, so I should not be too surprised.  Boys are gross.

I suppose I brought this on myself.  Just the other day I paid all our bills and thought to myself “wow are we ever in good shape this month”   Boy did I ever jinx it!

As an optimist, I am choosing to end on good notes, and there are still a lot of them!

1) The forecast this week calls for highs of 20+ every day.  While I cant go trotting around for hours on end, I can still visit him on the beautiful days and go out for walks at the hack.  It will also give us a chance to just have fun walking rides with friends, and no pressure to train.

2) It will give me some time off to finish up The Pulse magazine and edit some of those videos I have taken recently.

3) I can start running myself, and get in shape so I can maybe try a ride & Tie this summer?  Anyone interested in being my partner? (on your horse, B isn’t quite ready for that!)  I already walked 1.9 miles the other day (on top of an hour and a half walking on B) And I took the train and walked to work this morning, totalling 1.54 miles here, I assume I will end up the same going back.

4) I still have 3 lessons at Myrddin left, so I will still do some fun stuff too

5) Spring cleaning and gardening! (I have exciting news, i will post after this)

6) Bentley has so many friends, he will get through this with lots of love.  See:

Video of Crisper the barn cat and Bentley together: http://youtu.be/5soOj8bLO20


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