Car troubles

In my previous post “When it rains it pours,” I mentioned that our car was making funny noises and that we thought it might be a loose belt.

Well, it ended up being the transmission.  Not so easy a fix.  Thankfully, around Christmas we received a letter from our dealership stating that they had extended our warranty to 200,000 kms (we are at about 103,000 and would have been just over the warranty!)  So we probably wont have to pay a thing. 

However, this means that I will be carless for the next few days.  I can take the train to work, but I will need a ride to the barn.  So anyone who is going around 5:30ish… pretty please?  I live by the Gtown train station so its not too far out of the way.

Also, in case you have one, its a 2009 nissan altima.  The fact that they upped the warranty makes me suspect this might happen to more than just myself.  So if you have one or have a friend with one, maybe warn them?  Good for Nissan tho, taking sympathy on us poor regular folk.  Seems better ethics than any other car companies out there.


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