Summer in March

For those of you who may not be in Southern Ontario these past few weeks, let me tell you we have been experiencing a heat wave unlike anything we have ever seen before.  Typically we are still getting snow or at least there is still slushy snow on the ground when March 20th arrives and we officially call it “Spring.”  Instead, these past few days have had highs of over 20C, and prior to that, was nothing to stay indoors about either (12-18C).  With humidity, some days have broken the 30 mark.  Tomorrow is supposed to hit 26 before humidity.

When i went out to ride yesterday, Bentley was already in as his pasturemates were being ridden, but he was already drenched in sweat.  He was so wet and hot that he looked like he had been ridden already.  Linda and I went for a ride, starting in the ring and moving to the fields.  Only did a bit of trotting in the ring because of the heat, and just walked on our hack.  We still ended up doing about 3 3/4 miles total according to my garmin.  He was still really sweaty and hot when we finished.  I would love to clip him, I hate to see him suffer, but he is still afraid of the clippers.  Its going to be slow going and not worth it to clip just a small patch of fur. 

Our ride was great, he wasn’t pushing to go home at all when we passed the path back to the barn.  He just eagerly walked wherever I pointed him.  We even went past the path several times as Sable and Linda guided a first time hacker back to the barn.   We crossed some water as well.  It had a little bit of flow, but not much.  It was still more challenging than the puddle we attempted before as it was a marshy area of flooded grass.  Lots of dancing, but we got across.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I think he just likes hanging out with me as much as I do with him.  He never seems to want to stop riding!

Not sure if I will ride today or tomorrow, I don’t want him to start disliking work.  Also I am out of suitable lunch foods and could use a trip to the grocery store.  Good news is I am told I get my car back today, so maybe I can find a way to get everything done.


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