Registration Complete!

Well, I see that my credit card has been charged by the Arabian Horse Association, and therefore Bentley’s registration MUST be approved. 

So I am proud to announce to you his registered name


Wait what?  How did you come up with that?  Yes I can read your thoughts.

Let me explain. 

We had a few names floating around in our head, most of them funny and cheeky and cute.  Once he came into our possession however, we decided we wanted something dignified and related to his barn name “Bentley”  So, of course, I turn to the Internet to help me out.

Cricklewood is the town in England where the car manufacturer Bentley first produced its vehicles in the 1920s.  The idea of a town name itself appeals to me as being named after a place, Hickstead, became the world’s best horse in the last few years.  So it starts as a recipe for greatness.

As I read on, I learned that while Bentley vehicles were made in Cricklewood, they became top contenders at the 24 hours of Le Mans Grand Prix Endurance races, winning 4 years in a row.  These cars were driven for 24 hours on what they had, no changing tires or tune ups.  The drivers must manage their cars consumables against their speed and their own endurance in order to perform.  That pretty much sealed it.

So that’s how the Cricklewood name came about.  A perfect name for my new distance horse 🙂


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