More review

Since the month is coming to a close and I never blog on weekends, lets look at my goals and see where I am!

March:Goal by End: Walk and trot in outdoor ring
Goal by end: Jumping individual X’s and 18″ verticals from the trot inside. Balanced canter, correct half halts. Hacking at the walk. Canter in outdoor ring (weather permitting!) Do a 6 mile ride.
28-29 – Volunteer at Aprilfest

Goal by end: Canter single fences, 2′ -2’6″ from trot or canter. Walk trot on hacks. Complete CYEH Dressage test without too much difficulty and be relatively pleasing to watch. Load on trailer within 15 mins. Clean up some of the x-country jumps. Do an 8 mile ride.
12- Maybe go and watch CYEH tests at Glen Oro, Orillia
13- Maybe volunteer at Queens Bush Training Ride Chatsworth (but its Mothers day! Will have to see what plans are)
19-20 – Hopefully volunteer and trailer B to OCTRA spring ride in Millbrook

Goal by end: Complete a full course of 2′-2’9″ at trot or canter. WTC on hacks. Cross the river. Learn to braid mane nicely! Do a 10 mile ride. Hand gallop in outdoor ring. Safely tied on trailer.
10-Hopefully volunteer and trailer B to Stormont CTR in Finch, ON
16-17 – Hopefully volunteer and trailer B to Summer Solstice in Mansfield
23-24 – Maybe CYEH at horse trials at Woodwind Farm Orillia, maybe just watch!
30-Jul 1 – Hopefully volunteer and trailer B to Cayuse canter, Millbrook

Goal by End: Do 1 offsite rode (OCTRA or CYEH). Do a 15 mile ride. Jump a <2’9″ course with one line. Jump a ditch jump and a few small x-country jumps. Ride in snaffle.
4 – Maybe CYEH at Equus 3D
15 – Hopefully volunteer and trailer B to Flesherton CTR
21 – Schooling event for CYEH at Glen Oro
22 – Maybe CYEH at Equus 3D

Goal by End: Jump a full course entirely at canter. Jumps with “scary” filler or standards. Trot up hills. Able to syringe electrolytes.
8 – CYEH GlenArden farms in fergus
12 – Summers End Training Ride – 15 Mi SS Millbrook
19 – Seouls Corners Endurance – 12 mi SS
22 – CYEH at Equus 3D
25-26 – CYEH at Woodwind

Goal by end: Sane and happy hacks, Drinking at river, snacking en route.
1-14 – Horsey Holiday!
2 – Me volunteer at FEI endurance at Stormont
16 – Massie Autumn Colours – 12 mi SS
23 – CYEH at Glen Oro
29-30 – Oktoberfest in Mansfield – 12 mi SS

Goal by End: 20 Mi hack at walk trot. Tie for picnic! Find appropriate saddle.

Clearly we have already surpassed our expectations.  Largely due to the fantastic weather and how willing Bentley is.  Perhaps I have to start setting our goals a little higher?


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