Sugarfree Month coming to a close

Well I thought I should do a reflection on my month without sugar.

First off, I have been going through so many apples!  Which of course is a good thing… cheap and healthy, I am getting in my “Apple a day”  Only bad side is sometimes if I am eating said apple at work, I feel bad that I have no horse to share the core with.  Silly but true!

One outcome I have had is some weight loss.  It was not one of my goals in this, but it did not come as a surprise and I am happy to take it.  As of this morning, I am 7lbs less than I was when I started.  This puts me at my lowest weight since I started college.  Combined with taking the train (as a result of my car woes) and riding and working at the barn, I am about 20lb less than I was about 1.5 years ago when I finished school.  Not bad for an average sized girl!  Also, for the first time, the fat seems to be disappearing in the right places, no more muffin top or kangaroo pouch.

I feel great, I think I actually eat less food now and stay fuller longer.  My energy level is up, I believe.  I am not napping when I come home at lunch from mucking stalls at Halton Place and have enough energy at the end of those days to go riding.  So those are all good signs.

Also, it has benefited my grocery bill.  Last night, we went out and got groceries and our bill was only $26.  Along with cutting out sugar, I find I don’t even bother going much down the dry aisles, and fruit and veggies are far cheaper than cookies and pizzas.  Mind you, I don’t buy meat, but that’s a whole other explanation.

What a great way to kick start my confidence and encourage me on.  I still want to keep from slipping back into where I was before, eating sugar with every meal.  I will not exclude it completely however, I will give in to temptation some times, I do miss chocolate!

I did purchase some delicious looking almond and cashew caramel corn, its my reward for Sunday. 

Now I just need to find a way to get Lee off the treats too!


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