Well my birthday IS coming up

Well it is still pretty far away, but I keep finding things I want.  Today I came across this and wanted to share:

Yes, I want my very own flying saucer.  Just kidding, its an mp3 player/speaker combo.


I came across this idea when writing about the mileage program… thinking how great it would be to toss speakers in my saddle bag and have music for my rides.  I would be either the most loved or most hated girl on the trail haha. 

Cool thing about this one, is you can put an SD card right in it.  You don’t have to plug in an MP3 player, meaning no cords, and less things to carry.  There aren’t any measurements online, but from the size of the slots in the picture, i cant imagine having any difficulty putting it in saddlebags. 

Part of what got me so excited by this too was a bit of reminiscing.  I look fondly back to highschool, when we were the genius girls who found a pair of battery operated speakers, and plugged them into our discmans.  One would carry the discman, ever so careful so as not to make the CD skip, and another one or 2 would carry the speakers.  We would bring them to concerts and play our best CDs in line, while wearing our favorite band shirt (of course, never who we were there to see, that’s not ok until after you are in and have visited the merch stand)  Everyone thought we were so cool, especially us.

Great memories!


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