Lost and Found

I have a terrible habit of losing my cell phone in the strangest or sometimes obvious places. 

Once last year, I lost it while riding in 50 acres of waist high grass, and since it was on vibrate, I had no way of finding it until the alarm went off at 6:30 the next morning.  I waited out in the field, hoping I would hear that alarm go off.  Luckily my plan worked.

Later that year, around October, I lost my cell phone again. No clue where it was, but I had looked everywhere and assumed it was gone on the trail somewhere.  It wasn’t a big deal as my work provides me with a blackberry, so my personal phone was more of an emergency phone. I just waited the 5 months until I was due for a new phone.

Then on Monday, I went to the BlueJays game with Joe and Lee.  At least 3 times, I rummaged through my purse in a panic thinking I had lost my phone.  I literally would empty everything out of my purse in search of it.  Every time, it turned out to be in my coat pocket.  How embarrassing.

Well this morning I decided to snoop through my closet for a different jacket to wear and put on something suitable.  But wait, why is the pocket heavy?  Yes… there is the phone I lost in October…. in the pocket of a jacket.  Figures.

Anyone want to buy a Bell phone?


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