Wow… Things Happen fast!

It was always my intent to volunteer at all the OCTRA events up until Bentley turns 4 and I can start riding him at these events.

Then Chrystal put me in touch with Bob, who was looking for someone to ride his alternate horse in some of the events coming up, and I had a mount for Spring Ride!

Yesterday, Sue Downing offered me the chance to ride Foxy in Aprilfest this weekend.  I never turn down a good ride on a good horse! That does leave me scrambling to find all my paperwork and pack for both days however, but I am very excited to do so.  This will be my first time meeting her, but I have only ever met one horse I didn’t like… but that’s another story.

Of course she loses a volunteer in the process, but wow!  What a response from GEC.  I am so thrilled to have 2 groups of great girls coming along with me this weekend.

Saturday, Lily and Adriana are coming along with me.  Adriana is going to ride Marg Murray’s horse and Lily is going to volunteer.  We are both riding the 12 mile set speed that day, a nice late start of 9:30 to hit the road (well late for me… I’m still waking up on my “feed the horses” schedule, boy will it ever be strange to wake up tomorrow and not head over to Halton Place).  The ride is in Dufferin Forest, which I am a little familiar with as I have ridden there a few times last year on Abby.  Oh yes, and I will be able to ride with Carol which will be great!  I haven’t seen her since November and there is so much to chat about!

Not sure if Adriana will be riding with me, it will depend on if she has a sponsor lined up or if I will become that person!  It would be nice, but the group might start getting a little large 🙂

Sunday, Foxy and I will do the 25 mile set speed again with Carol and Sue’s husband Mike.  Rachel and Janna from GEC are coming as volunteers, and Lee is coming along as my pit crew.  So another full car!  Very excited to share the sport with these girls and I am already SO impressed that they were not dissuaded by the 6am departure time.

Boy do I have a lot to do tonight.  Poor Bentley is going to have to go without exercise again tonight!

I rode last night, but it was relatively short due to the framing place in the mall wasting my precious time.  However, Bentley DID have a good 3 mile trot continuously, and other than being extremely bored from lapping the ring that many times, he was not tired or silly at all.  We had gotten our silliness out early as I walked around the fields and a porcupine ran in front of us.


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