New Arrivals at GEC

It sure has been an exciting week.  There have been a few arrivals at GEC which have sparked a wave of  Awwww’s from the humans, and terror from the horses.

First addition came on Tuesday.  I was pulling into the barn to give my clinic/workshop for the kids on Distance, Time and Calculating speed when I caught sight of Bentley and all of his friends whipping around their paddock.  I thought to myself “Oh how cute, they are playing” and ran back to grab my camera.  A couple more steps and I knew something was not quite right… and there it was.  4 horses huddled in one corner, and a small… HAIRY alpaca in the far corner.  Every time she moved, the horses would run around wildly and stare her down with fear and confusion in their eyes.

See… look at the fear!

Fact is, I couldn’t get a picture of them that included the *monster*.  Laura promptly removed the alpaca since nobody seemed to be happy with the situation.  The alpaca is now safely tucked into a stall (which Bentley is not so pleased with every time we enter the barn)

Hmm… maybe she DID like it in with the horses!  Or maybe being stubborn is just her way.  I have to say, I would NOT know how to lead a stubborn alpaca either.

The next arrival came yesterday and it was a little more expected.  The miniature pony Noelle finally popped (boy was she ever getting huge!) and presented our barn family with a beautiful little filly.  She is so cute, about the size of a large cat, you could fit her right in your lap.  I didn’t get to see much of her, as when I first peeked in, he mommy was blocking my line of sight, but I did manage to get a quick snapshot with my phone.

I’m also told a new boarder arrived last night, but I haven’t gotten a chance to investigate.  Geeze where will all these animals go?


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