I can’t believe THAT was living in my house

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, I heard Lee muttering from behind the closed bathroom door.  This was followed by a lot of thuds, slams, and overall painful noises considering the location.

I asked him if everything was ok and with a note of panic in his voice he responded “Yeah, fine, don’t come in”  and then back to the noises. 

My growing concern and curiosity got the better of me, and when he came out, I started pestering him about what happened.  I knew the answer had to be spider, considering how concerned he was about protecting me from the truth.  But what sort of spider would affect him so much?

After a lot more harassing he said “I have never seen anything like it in a house… only in the bush”  and he immediately started searching his phone to find out what species it was… and exactly how much danger we were in.

The comments were not reassuring, lots of “oh no” and “ummmm”  then came an “oh.. ok that’s not that bad”  then a far more concerned “ohhh”.  The answer was Fishing Spider.

I recounted this horror story to people in the lunch room today.  Curiosity got the better of Tayla, and she too searched for photos on her phone.  Again, the comments consisted of things like “oh my”  and “that’s…. uh….”  and then concerned glances my way.  Again… I had to have answers, but cant bring myself to look at a photo myself.  All she would tell me was that the photo that came up was this spider PREYING ON A FROG!  “but its just a tiny frog”  I immediately disposed of the rest of my lunch.

I still cant look at the search myself.  I might have to move out of my house, out of my town… and to an island with no spiders (is it New Zealand that doesn’t have spiders?  That cant be right considering all the scary monsters in Australia)

2 years ago there was an ugly hairy spider crawled out of my car vents, nearly ran me off the road and had me considering fumigation of the car.  I wouldn’t find moving out to be unreasonable at this point.  And what if it had babies?  Thousands of frog eating spiders could eat me alive!

And why is my cat not working?  Yes, she stares at bugs and alerts us to them, but only ever decides to eat it once it is a dead carcass as a result of a good Sarah or Lee stomp. Pampered princess.

Those cute barn kittens are really starting to appeal to me. 

I don’t want to go home.


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