Still catching up

After Bentley got to go to spring ride (so by now I’m only 3 weeks behind), everything we usually did when we rode became baby work.

On one day, we did a 15 mile ride.  Nothing new, but the first 8 miles I had speedy horse under me.  There was no more quiet trotting… my boy wanted to RUN.  I think Sable must have told him that this is her technique.  We ended up finishing the ride in 6.9mph.  Far faster than I had intended to ride even though we walked the last several miles to bring down the speed.  Well I guess we know he can handle a set speed!

Hang on!
The other “baby” stuff he no longer did, was happily jump the little jumps.  I would point him at anything under 2 feet and he would take a full lap to bring back to a trot or at least reasonable canter.  My usual training plan is that if he is going to be silly and not pay attention, he is going to have to work harder.  This is what led me to set up an oxer at what I thought was about 2’9″.  Warmed up over a small x, turned around the corner and….
Wow this horse has wings!
As soon as he knew he was being given a chance, he was wonderful.  Had a great canter and was easy to control.  Just so darn happy to have the challenge.  So yes, he proved his point, and I think my plan backfired… or succeeded?  I really cant tell you.  Oh and that jump… I measured it and it was a full 3 feet.  His first time ever jumping that height.
Funny thing was the next time I rode him, he was an angel.  I guess he just had to get it out of his system or maybe prove his worthiness.  I don’t know, but its great to see what I have to look forward to once we are more ready!


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