i’ll have another wont be having any more

Races that is.

I have a theory, Lee liked it, so I am going to post it here too.

Reports say that the horse expected to win the triple crown had to be pulled and eventually retired due to a torn tendon.  This could very well be true.  I tend to wonder what this will do the the breeding value of this horse.

Had he won the triple crown, his value would obviously increase immensely (as well as his movie rights!) But had he lost, what would have happened?  Now we are left with the mystery of “what could have happened?”  Is it possible that he could be worth more from pulling, than he would have had he lost the triple crown?  I guess its up to the market to decide that, but I am interested to find out.

Perhaps the pressure was enough to pull him at the slightest damage, because with all the publicity, this horse couldn’t lose.  It just couldn’t.  Could have been a very smart value decision.  The old adage “quit while you are ahead” comes to mind.

Perhaps someone with race industry experience has some thoughts on this?


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