Well, no improvement with Bentley over the weekend.  Well, I suppose that depends on how you define improvement.

He was moved to the schoolie barn so he could be near horses that are inside pretty much all the time.  He was far too upset when all the boarders got turned  out.  As far as I am concerned, he now has the best view in the house.  Hes right by the door that everyone goes out to go to the rings, take out the full wheelbarrows, turnout etc.  He can literally look out his stall door, crane around and look outside and see everyone riding.  He also can bother all the children since there is no bars over his door, and they love it! Its treat central.  Nice and bright area of the barn, he even gets a window.

I took some video of him enjoying his quarters, that way I can watch it at work and pretend I am hanging out there nursing my giant suck instead of sitting behind a computer

So yes, he is getting spoiled rotten, as he should.  I had a bit of a scare Saturday, when I thought it might have been something to do with coronet instead.  He had been very good before about me cleaning and poulticing his foot, but was showing a lot of pain when i brushed around the coronet.  After a few more washings, it was getting worse, but we were able to pinpoint the source of the pain, and it wasnt the coronet, it was about an inch or so down, and found some soreness on the sole too.  Farrier is coming in today to inspect and drain the abscess if necessary.

So instead of a weekend full of miles, I went out morning and night to clean and poultice the hoof, and didnt go too far during the day. 

GEC had thier first hunter schooling show of the year on Sunday.  Everyone kept asking why i wasnt showing Bentley.  Poor guy seemed to be asking the same thing too.

Poking his nose out his stall window, which has a great view of the outdoor ring and all the show happenings.


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