Let’s not dwell

Just posted a post that should have gone up yesterday morning.

Since then, my farrier has determined there are NO abscesses.  So I am back to square one with the mystery of “Why is my horse lame?”  I’m going to give him to the end of the week and try not to worry about it or spend any more money on fixes.

Instead, lets think positive and look towards the exciting weekend ahead.

I am very excited to be riding Leena in the Summer Solstice ride.  We are booked to do the 50 mile CTR, my longest distance to date, which is also surprising to have such a long distance at CTR.  Expecting it will be about 9 hours to complete.

However, the 50 will not be if more people don’t sign up.  Right now there are only 4 of us registered to do this distance, and we need a minimum of 6 pre-registered for it to run.  So if you are thinking about doing the 50… get your entry in now!  Pleeeeaaaasssseee!  If it doesn’t run, I still do the 37 mile, and it is still the longest distance completed, but I would love to say I got a 50 in before I went back to the shorter distances for Bentley’s sake.

The fun continues as my youngest sister Heather is set to do her first OCTRA ride.  She will be riding Sue’s horse Foxy Baronessa, a standardbred that I rode at Aprilfest.  I think this pair will do well, Heather is used to riding Rurik, so she should be comfortable with the pacing that may occur.  She is going to do the 12 mile set speed and ride with Mike and Easy.  I know she is going to be hooked once she gets out on those trails.  Hopefully we can continue to find her mounts for the rest of the season and make good use of her memberships.

So far the weather calls to be perfect.  Maybe a little on the hot side, but Dufferin is mostly shaded, so it should be a wonderful day to ride.  Hopefully my dufferin luck doesn’t continue.  Last 2 times I had DNF or DNS due to problems resulting (likely) from the cold temps.  Doubt that will happen, but who knows!

Here’s to a good weekend ahead!


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