Thoughts to Shyla

Today I received some very unfortunate news about one of my very close friends from Highschool.

Shyla O’Donnell, Sheena and I had several great years in highschool before she moved away.  The 3 of us were inseparable rock concert goers and were rarely caught alone.  We even had a few rock bands we formed in my parent’s basements along with Laura Rivers and Evan Switzer (by the way I miss you both a ton too!)  Sheena and Shyla are incredibly fearless, especially when it comes to social settings.  I never had that trait, but enjoyed the introductions (and trips backstage or music video extra work!) gained through them. We have such contrasting personalities, but I recognize how much they helped me come out of my shell… something that has helped me so much since highschool to become successful in college and employment.

Shyla now also has a 2 year old daughter and a wonderful boyfriend along with her family in New Brunswick.

This week, she was involved in a four wheeler accident and is currently in the ICU at St. John hospital, I am told that she is paralyzed from the waist down.

I always feel so useless in these situations, I never know what I can do to help.

So I want to dedicate my ride this weekend to her, 50 miles and 9 hours in the saddle I will be thinking about her.  I want to do what I do best to show her my support from this side of the country.

Gifts will be accepted, Sheena is going to see her some time next week and I will be sending along some things with her too.


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