"Stuff" From Summer Solstice

The GPS of our ride.  Click on the “Player” tab and on “Aerial” view to follow where we went through the forest.


Our CTR Scorecard:

Notice how it is perfect right up until our giant Grade 3 lameness?  Hence the shock and disappointment that we couldn’t complete, we were doing fabulously!  The B impulsion was also due to the lameness… lets face it, if you are sore, your impulsion wouldn’t be so great either!  Bob tells me the saddlepad caused a gall on her whithers.  That is why she wasn’t moving correctly, to avoid the pain of the rub, resulting in sore shoulders.

Getting ready to go out.  Watch, GPS and in times for each loop written down my arm.  This worked soooo well for me!  Next time I will likely discard the 2nd watch, I was just worried about GPS battery so I turned it off at each hold. Heather got the watch after I was pulled.  Hmm come to think about it, she still has it.  Hope she enjoys my early morning alarms!

Me and Leena all ready to go.

Us with Val and Pretzel, waiting for our time to come at the start line.

And we are off!

Bob had to start 3 minutes behind us, speedy start to catch up! 

Sue and Batique starting the crossing line.

Dave and Gringo weren’t able to start, but still had a nice hack, and Lee was happy to be the official photographer.
Doug and a few ladies I have not yet met coming in.

Mike and Heather coming in from their last loop of the 12 mile set speed.

Heather and Foxy Baronessa walking the last half mile into camp to help lower her heartrate for scoring. 

Linda and more people I don’t know yet doing the half mile trot in required by CTR.  Linda won the Novice CTR which makes her 2 for 2 this season.  Way to go!

Rick is learning how to pit crew.  Lee makes a good teacher and had him slugging buckets by the end of this.

Heather trying to get Foxy’s heartrate down for the final 30 minute pulse of the set speed.  Their 20 minute pulse was 44, but unfortunately it went up to 56 for the part that counted.  Maybe Foxy saw something scary?  She still earned her completion and that’s what matters!  Hopefully the score does not spoil it for her and we see her out at the next ride.

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