Unintentional sports of Horseback riding

Trying to keep a positive spin on a rough weekend here. Let me give you a bit of background: my sister was set in to ride Bentley in his first on-property schooling show.  Here’s a fun way to say all the things that didn’t go our way.  Other sports you can add to your resume are:

Rowing – The strength you get in your upper body down to your hips when your horse doesn’t want to stop and can’t seem to hear you yelling “woah” through the wind in his ears.  Also, the blisters you get on your hands if they are not properly calloused (or gloved).  This was Heather’s sport.

Diving – When you catch enough air to complete at least one beautiful somersault headfirst in the air above your horse`s ears and stick the landing to your butt several metres in front of your horse.  This was my sport.

Soccer – The sport you go back to when your horse decides he isn’t done being lame yet.  This is Bentley`s sport.

Golf – What Lee would much rather see me do.


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