Photos and video from Schooling SHow

Heather and Bentley ready to warmup.

After the walk-trot class, Bentley standing nicely… for about 5 seconds!

Thats enough standing nicely, I see something interesting and want to party! – Bentley before he fullpassed nearly the entire ring.

Oh boy, he sure is getting excited here! I am on board now

Look how happy he looks to have been able to show off his `stuff“

Waiting for our next round.

Discovering the leaves are much tastier than the grass.
Heather in the walk-trot class.  He gets a little excited by her forward riding and starts cantering, but settles in nicely.  Still learning how to hold his frame and Heather is learning to keep her hands steadier.
More of Heather in walk trot class, still a little unsure if hes a bit sore here or just trying to get the bit and hold it (heathers hands arent as steady as he is used to) or maybe a bit of both.  He stops very nicely!
Other direction of walk trot class.  He has a very nice trot along the far side of the ring and holds frame almost consistently!  The pair certainly improved as they went along.
Sarah in the first jumping class, 5 jumps hunter.  This is the start of when we noticed the `Bob`  Hes so darn excited to jump, took it a BIT too fast (meaning wayy too fast) haha.
Sarah in the 2nd jumping class, 8 jumps hunter.  You can see in the trot here hes starting to bob a bit more.  It wasnt easy keeping him straight down the lines, we had very little practice or even training for jumping, so I was happy with him and cant blame him for the excitement.

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