Photos from Cayuse Canter

Finally got around to this.

Sable looks all pretty and ready to go for tomorrow (ride day 1)

Our Friday night dinner.

Sun setting on the vetting area Friday night.

I’m No Angel and Angel ready to hit the trail.

Solstice riding Angel.

Linda on I’m No Angel (Sable)

And theyyyy’re off!

Kind of a cool shot of the action at vetting area from my cool quiet spot in the shade.

I was bored while Sable was grazing so I added a new sport to OCTRAs portfolio – Horse Decorating

Sable practically falls asleep in her food bucket after day 2 (and total of 56 miles)

Perfect background for such a pretty lady!

Jess celebrates her completion.

Oh hi there!  Are you here to give me treats?

Monty enjoying his watermelon.

Sable would you like watermelon? – Sarah

Hmmm, this looks more like people food than horse food, thanks for the offer but I will pass. – Sable

Earl napping on his fence.

Earl DID take a bite from the watermelon.  I dont think he was convinced it was better than carrots though.

Jess and Monty sharing a bite.

Back at home, Sable enjoys the grazing paddock.

The best grass is at the bottom of the hill.

Or maybe its at the top.

Bentley also gets let out to graze and for grain dinner.

He must have been shaking or something, I love his mane here haha.

Nom Nom Nom!

So photogenic.

Theres a cute look!

“Is your food better than mine?  Lets switch!”

Crisper napping on the straw bale.

Oh did I wake you?

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