Guess who has a birthday today?

Yes, today is the momentous day Bentley turns 4.  I am calling it the “Sweet 16 of the horse world” because he is now officially old enough to ride the OCTRA Mileage rides, Training Rides, Set Speeds, and CTRs.  Yes hes legal!  But not for everything, endurance and long CTRs he has to be 5, so next year can be his equivalent to 19. 

He is much like a child to me, and often does silly things such as a child would do.  In honour of his birthday, let me share some of those now (in fact many of these happened just last night).

  • Last night he missed the door as I led him out to his field. Bonked his head right on the wall/door gate. Was displeased with himself and proceeded to buck in place halfway through the door.
  • Made a new friend Marlo out in the field who is about the same age. Decides halter tag is a really fun game and grabs at Marlo’s halter, and drags him around the field. Marlo returns the favor my removing Bentley’s fly mask and starts shaking it wildly. Drops it. Bentley picks it up and resumes the “throw the flymask” game.
  • Presents man-parts while being groomed (from being relaxed, not excited!) and learns that I will grab it with gloved hands and sponge clean it. Has now been doing this on regular basis and every time, lifts his hind leg in “dog peeing on fire hydrant” pose and just holds his leg up while I finish the job.
  • Discovery of PNW electrolytes. LOVES them. Licks hand for 5 minutes and through fingers to make sure all the deliciousness off. Renamed these “horse cocaine” as it has become his new favourite treat and you can just see his expression go “boinnnggg!” when he tastes it. If any OCTRA people are reading this, you have licence to be jealous now!
  • Blew off steam in outdoor arena by bucking and galloping figure 8s. Jumped a jump on his own. Charged the cat sitting on the fence post and knocked the cat off into the bushes. That cat really flew!
  • Hits the NOS button when playing. Yes, he lets out a fart and takes off galloping and bucking like a wild man.
  • Eats thistles, the pricklier the better.
  • Bucked me off after a very tiny but quite overzealous jump. Most shameful expression on his face ever!
  • Managed to get flymask upside down but not off. I didn’t get a photo, but here is a crude drawing to explain why this is so hilarious. “Look ma, i have neck-ears!”
    • And of course, his famous soccer video
    Happy birthday big guy! 

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