War Horse

On Friday, Lee and I were thrilled to be able to see War Horse at Princess of Wales Theatre.

This was by far the best live show I have ever seen.  I have not a single bad thing to say about it.  Everything was polished and perfect from the acting to puppetry, music to lighting.  I loved how they made good use of the theatre beyond the stage and used effects to make you feel like you are right inside the show.  A particular scene that captured my attention the most was moments before intermission, when riding into battle the horses rose up to jump over razor wire, the strobe lights flashed behind them giving the effect they were jumping right into the crowd, and then all was black.  I couldn’t wait for the second half of the show, what a dramatic close!

This show is worth seeing whether you are horsey or not.  Even Sheena, who can almost be described as “Anti horse” loved ti and was so excited to talk to me about it afterwards.  How did she end up seeing this before me?  Little bit shameful here!  But hey, i have a horse… therefore little time to do all things people think I should do/see since I am a horse person.

In fact, I recommend that if you are not a horse person, GO SEE IT!  Not only will it prove great entertainment, but it will give you some insight as to why us horse-crazy people are so darn crazy about them.  The special bonds that form between human and horse are well portrayed, as is the intelligence and determination of these creatures.

I think it can really change the perspective some people have on the horse community.  Think of what this could do in times like these where the race tracks are closing and hay prices are skyrocketing.  A bit of understanding could go a long way with whats surely to be a growing number of homeless horses and perfectly good animals being sent to slaughter.

So how suitable is it that my team buy mailer today included discounted tickets to see this show?  Link is here:


Don’t wait, its been running for ages, but wont last forever!


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