Coates Creek Saturday

Since we were DNS, we needed something to keep us busy while Linda was out on trail.

At some point on Friday night, I took a look at the numbers crayoned on to every horse’s butt but mine, and I came up with the brilliant idea to decorate Bentley from ears to hoof.

Here are some pictures from it (more are coming, but I haven’t had a chance to unload my camera yet, these came from my phone)

Getting all prettied up.  Somewhere around this point the neighbor decided to mow his lawn… for 4 hours, and always driving by us.  Hmmmm.

Hmmm… he looks a little mopey, perhaps he feels silly enough not to keep going lame on me right before rides?

He is much happier now that he has been for a walk and everyone has given him a TON of attention.

He was so decorated that he was almost causing traffic accidents.  Lots of motorbikes came by and all in unison, they would turn their heads.  Keep your eyes on the road guys!  Also, apparently one family saw Bentley and the whole OCTRA ordeal from the road and decided to turn in and find out what it was all about.  Linda introduced him to the family while we all waited for dinner.

Boy was Saturday ever hot too!  Poor Bentley was sweating a lot and was causing his colour to bleed a bit by the end of the day.  Also a few rolls in the paddock and the beautiful designs turned a little disgusting. 

Oh and I mentioned that I would say more about the paddocks, yeah he also decided to roll after we did his designs, laid right beside the electric fence and rolled on top of it.  I may owe Linda a new fence post as it just wasn’t the same the rest of the weekend.  Actually, he realized it was floppy and decided to play with it.  Mouthing the post and wiggling it around… until the electric tape was loose enough that it fell on his neck and zapped him!  You would think he would learn, but no, he kept playing with not just the gimpy post, but all the posts and winders for the rest of the weekend, possibly trying to dismantle the paddock on his own. 

Linda did very well despite the heat, placed 2nd and earned  yet another grade 1!

I don’t know if I have ever felt hotter than I did that day.  Usually i dunk a long sleeve shirt in water and wear it to keep cool, but it wasn’t working and it just felt sticky and gross.  The best solution I came up with (and convinced the rest to follow) was to fill up a bucket of water and keep taking my feet in and out of it.  Even if the water didn’t feel cool to our hands, it was heavenly!


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