The squirrels of my backyard

We have some hilarious squirrels in the back yard. 

The other week, I was getting out of the car and had a clear view of our side/back yard.  I just so happened to see something dark and fuzzy plummeting from a branch 2 stories up, land with a large thump, look up a little confused, and skitter off into the treeline.

I love when animals have embarrassing moments. 

I am not sure if it was just clumsy when jumping from branch to branch, or if it took a leap of faith, attempting to land on the birdfeeder strung from the clothesline below.  Either scenario is hilarious.

When the laundry was up however, Lee put the birdfeeder on the porch railing.  This one got an easy snack.

 I call him the raccoon squirrel because he has a stripey tail.

After his seeds, he decided to get into my spice garden.  Lee tells me he has been back to sample my herbs on several occasions.


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