I missed a few things

When I spoke of the summers end training ride, I forgot some of the fun stories to share.

First off, Sable should be hired whenever they do another Mission Impossible movie.  We had set up her paddock on a hill, gave her the water and hay, and went off for the clinic.  Now, at some point while we weren’t watching, but someone else was, she decided to roll (something she never does at rides) and managed to roll right under the fence.  She got up outside her pen with a look of “oh, how did I get here?” and just went about munching grass happily.  What an incredible albeit concerning move!  Linda did end up fortifying the paddock with extra stakes on the low side.

Also, I have spoke several times in the past about my right knee bothering me when I am riding.  I didn’t really realise it until this morning, where as I took my glucosamine I thought to myself “wait a minute… I haven’t had knee pain in ages!”

This could be due to any number of reasons, lets speculate now so I can return in a month and try to knock some off, maybe finding the root of my knee pain?

  • warmup, I don’t typically run 3 miles before riding, perhaps running might have warmed me up better for the ride?
  • Different saddle.  I have ridden in 4 saddles recently, 2 being my own.  3 of which I had knee pain on. 
  • Different pants – rode in biking/yoga pants instead of breeches, no knee grippies
  • 90% canter, no trotting, less movement of the knee joints, very likely, however I do experience the most knee pain in my saddles when I am walking, not trotting.
  • Long break – since Bentley has been off for a while, I haven’t ridden much, likely the fact I am not working my knees every day has an effect
  • Better riding technique, I AM greatly improved since the last time I rode any real distance thanks to regular lessons
  • Better overall health?  I have been taking my glucosamine daily and also my Chia and Flax daily too.  Although I still eat enough junk food to keep the soul happy!

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