Gone Running

On Saturday, Lee and I decided it was time I got new running shoes, and ventured down to Sportchek.  When we arrived there, we saw the sale was buy one get one 50% off.  Immediately it became about Lee getting new shoes.  Figures.
After Lee had decided on his pair of shoes and made good friends with the salesperson, I finally got to get shoes of my own, the whole purpose of us going there.  I have to say, when it comes to running shoes, I am beyond picky, and I am sure the salesperson was about ready to give up on me after the 8th ladies shoe I tried, for reasons including but not limited to “they are ugly”  “the heel is too high” “they feel like old people orthopedic shoes despite the fact they are neon pink and blue” and “why would they ever think a woman would want to wear shoes that look like pylons”
Lee wasn’t allowing me to get the ones that I liked, stating that there wasn’t support enough in them.  That last comment was in relation to a pair of shoes that I agreed on comfort wise, but Lee also thought would have enough support.  But foot pylons?  Seriously NO!  So while the salesperson was desperately searching in the back for something that would satisfy my discriminating tastes, I wandered the shop in my socks and found these ones:
They were the same ones as the pylon shoes, but in a colour i could more than live with.  We asked about it and i was told “no you cant have those, they are men’s”  Screw you, I am not bound my shoe gender stereotypes.  Tried on that first pair of men’s shoes I found, and they were perfect.  Lee was so exasperated, if only he knew that the way to keep me happy was to wear men’s shoes, we wouldn’t have had to go through shoe torture for half an hour.  Oh well. I am happy now.
And speaking of happy, I went for my first real run in them last night.  I had gone for walks with Lee both Saturday and Sunday, but they were short lived and barely had any jogs to them.  Lee is out of shape and a terrible running partner. 
So I went for a run… LATE.  Meaning I left about 8:50pm.  I had gone riding earlier and Bentley just wouldn’t eat fast to get me out of there in time for a good run.  No, he had to dump his food in the stall and nibble around the pieces of shavings, geeze! So although it was dark when I started my run, I still wanted to get a little bit in. 
I ran for 40 minutes, and got 4 miles done on the street.  Best part was how great I felt doing it.  I barely walked at all, and at one point I felt like I could go on forever.  In fact I ran 2.44 miles straight (yes that’s miles, not km) at a pace of 6mph.  I jogged up to the school and did a few laps of the track, and became quite smug as I watched someone arrive after I had done a lap, barely make it through a full lap (had to walk halfway through) and plunk down on a bench, as I continued to jog happily around.  Then I just lightly jog away back to the streets.  Barely even puffing.
I really felt like I could have gone on for much longer had it not been for the chafing on my armpits from the tiny bit of stubble I had.  Everything was easy except that.  Do I have any readers who run and have any suggestions about that?  Body glide maybe?
I was so happy, it felt so much easier than the ride and tie I did the week before, probably because streets are much easier to run on than loose sand haha.  Perhaps if streets are this easy for me, I may try a fun run or half marathon some time this fall… if I can ever find a free weekend!  I could easily to a 10k. 
Here’s my run stats in case you are interested:

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