You Can’t Park Here

So read my blog instead!

Some of the planes set to be in the Toronto Air Show this weekend are parked beside our office, which means we get a lot of lookie-loos coming and loitering in our parking lot.  I have taken great pleasure in shooing them off our property.  I just love the looks on their faces when they get caught, makes me wish I had a spycam.

What I do have however, is a great view!  Enjoy the photos!

Haha just kidding, imagine if all my photos were like this?  That is what most people get to see.
Here are the good photos 🙂

This thing has significant kick to it.  In fact, look at the next photo to see what it did to our privacy fence:
Don’t worry, we bolted it into the ground and locked it to the fence.  I do feel bad for the store across the street whose sign got all twisted.  Also, to whoever was parked a little too close and had their car sandblasted.

Hi man in window!

Here its coming in.  What a beast!
Much cuter!

Aww so cute!

Even cuter!

Cutest! Like baby chickens and mommy!

The baby chickens in formation.
I hope this is also part of the air show and no real emergencies!
Thats it for now!  


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