I am slowly going crazy…

I don’t know whats going on with my brain recently.  I must just have too much going on.

Saturday night I got a response  for something big I am doing at work.  So naturally I got excited and was going to have trouble sleeping.  I forwarded a question I couldn’t answer to my boss, and decided to go to bed and wait for a response the next morning.  Now, this is where things get a bit foggy.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night and checking my phone.  There were 3 emails for month end reports on our various aircraft. Something I usually don’t look at until I need them, I just usually delete them off my phone.  There was also a response from my boss with instructions as to how to proceed with the question I had earlier.  It had a website and everything.  I remember this so vividly.  I woke up several times through the night knowing that in the morning I would have to go through these steps very quickly before heading out for the day.  As I said, this is something pretty big I am doing so I didn’t want to have it wait until the weekend was over.

So I wake up for real at about 7:30 and first thing I do (naturally) is turn to my phone to get the instructions while not in a groggy half sleep.  Strange… no new emails?  I scroll through and there is no email from my boss or the month end reports.  Darn it, did I delete my boss’s email along with the month ends?  Try to reconnect with desktop but nothing new comes.  Oh well, I guess I will have to go into work on my way home from the air show and get the email off my computer.

I will blog about the airshow in another post, this is reserved for my crazies.

I get into work and enjoy the silence of work on weekends.  Boot up my computer and check my email.  Nothing in there.  What?  Did the server start deleting my emails again (I swear it has happened before!)  At this point, we suspect that I may be losing my mind a little.  Regardless, I re-forward the email again with my questions to my boss, in case he never got it.

So now I am back at work for real, and asked if he had emailed me on Saturday night.  Nope, didn’t email me at all.  So I must have literally dreamt the whole thing up.  I dreamt it so vividly that I had convinced myself it was real enough to go into work on a weekend?  And I knew so many details around it.  Very very crazy!

To add to the crazy, yesterday after I came home from the barn, I drove right past our house.  I literally didn’t even recognise our house until I was well past it.  So instead of going nose into the driveway, i just backed up into it… and right into the rock wall, scratching up the bumper and knocking rocks everywhere.

Whats going on in there?  Seriously?

Lee asked me if I fell off the horse.  Nope, just going crazy is all!


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