Passive Aggressive Ideas

I have to drive through Brampton to get to work.  Every day it seems that the drivers get worse and worse.  The start of September has also brought extra traffic, yesterday it took me an hour and a half to get to work (which is only a 35km commute).

There is a little something special about Brampton drivers.  To say they lack common sense is an understatement.  I sometimes wonder if they are even human, or if they are cattle crammed behind the wheels of SUVs and large sedans.

I came up with an idea for another blog, but I am still pondering the legalities of it.  Every time I see someone do something dangerous, rude or downright illegal, I want to take a picture of their car and post it on the Internet for everyone to see.  I think it would make for a great blog where people could submit their rude drivers and vent it out, and see all the fun stories about the terrible drivers out there.  Not sure if posting that sort of stuff is legal, particularly due to the fact that I would have to whip out my camera phone while driving.


This morning I chose to take the train to save the stress of driving, and while waiting for my friend and co-worker to pick me up, I saw lots of rude Brampton drivers doing what they do best… ignoring all posted laws/rules of the parking lot.  So here they are!

That first lane is a no vehicle zone (fire route) the second lane is a thru lane, meaning don’t block the damn thing!  Both these cars are in park.

Another winner parked in the no car zone.  Literally stayed there for 10 minutes until their passenger got out.  I timed them.

This person was also in the no car zone, but wasn’t quite as long there.  Maybe 5 minutes of blocking fire route.

Red car parked in both the no car zone and the thru lane.  As a result, silver car who only intended on blocking one lane, parked diagonally in both lanes.

Another big honkin SUV blocking the fire lane.  Again, they sat there for an eternity in fire route time.

Whats another van in the no car zone when its already blocked?

This was my favourite.  There were almost no cars around (at least 2-3 lanes of kiss and ride dropoff parking available)  Parks diagonally across the thru lane and into the fire lane.  Stays for at least 5-10 minutes (i had left partway through)
What a fine sampling of Brampton.  Can you imagine what happens on the roads?
What a great feeling to vent, it somehow makes the traffic and stress that much more tolerable.

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