About Last Night

Since I have posted a few hints on facebook and in talking to a few people, so I figured I would just tell the story to dispell the worry that may be brewing.

I apologize in advance as I have some T3s in my system so please excuse any typos or any other strange things that might pop up!

I had my usual Myrddin lesson on LBH.  Until one point, I thought I was having the best lesson and riding my best to date. 

We were jumping a 3′ line: short approach to oxer,  one long stride to a vertical.  I wasnt getting enough speed for the height and distance for our first few trips through and kept getting a long spot.  So pushing him through on another attempt, his off/on switch clicked in and instead of a nice canter, 2nd jump was done in a gallop.  Thats where the naughtiniess happened, we landed, he bucked, bolted, and bucked and I came off.

I landed on my back, skidded about 12′ due to speed and came to an abrupt stop as the top of my head hit the wall.  Thank goodness for a helmet!  I could certainly feel the pressure from my head to the base of my neck, immediately looked at the top of my helmet to see “how bad” and there is no external damage to the helmet, not sure about inside. It did take me a minute to get my thoughts together and test myself out before I got up.  Usually I spring right up from the ground.  Biggest complaint at that point was my neck and somehow both of my calf muscles got pulled and were solid and sore. 

I got back on, completed the line while finding the line between too slow and too fast, and then did it as part of a course.  Usually we do the course twice but my back was hurting really bad on the left side at that point so I asked to call it a night after an acceptable course.

Hurt more to get off the horse again than it did getting back on.  I untacked, bandaged and all that stuff with some pain but I think i was running on some adrenaline.  Nathan, the other student did a flash test to make sure i didnt hace a concussion.

Got home and it was very difficult to get out of the car, walk, or even breathe.  After about an hour of debating with Lee, he made me go to the hospital.  The pain in my back on the left side is excruciating and I chose not to sit at the hospital since trying to sit/stand hurts the most.  After a few hours of waiting, a doctor poked me a few times and determined since i was only sore to move, not sore to the touch(no matter how terrible the pain was), there were no broken ribs which was what we were worried about.

So I was diagnosed with a sprained neck and severe muscle damage in my back.  Got a prescription for physio, anti-inflammitories and T3s.  They had me take 2 of the Ts before bed and I was told it would be enough to ease my pain and knock me out for the night.  Neither of those happened and I had absolutely no sleep.  Thats just to give you an idea how much pain really was there.

In the morning, it would take me to about the count of 100 to sit or stand, about 5 minutes to get in or out of the car.  After picking up my prescriptin I was able to have a good long nap for most of the afternoon.  Now I am able to get out of bed comparitively easily and no pain when when i breathe anymore.  However, my neck is much more stiff and achey.

To make matters worse however, Lee had a flareup from the stress of bringing me to the hospital, this time in his knee, so we are both gimpy and he is sneaking from my prescription.  I am not really in a position to stop him.  Girlfriend abuse!!!!


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