Heather on Bentley

My back and neck pain has been steadily improving.  Enough so that on Saturday, I was able to walk down to the plateau and give a lesson for a little over an hour (and I walk a LOT when I teach).

Since I was not yet well enough to go in the saddle, my sister had the chance to ride Bentley and got a lesson on the house 😉  Here is a compilation of clips.  Look how great they are!

It was a good thing for me too, not only did my body feel great after (I’m sure partly due to walking and stretching, partly due to me forgetting about myself and focusing entirely on other stuff) but I noticed a lot of the same things wrong with Heather’s position as my own.  Its one thing to hear “legs back legs back legs back” and try and consciously make an effort to keep them there, its another to see the effect from the ground.


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