Back in the Saddle

Last night I got on Bentley again for the first time since my fall.

I have to admit, I am a bit more sore waking up today than I was yesterday.  I am going to chalk that up also partly due to the miserable weather.

****Added – also partly due to the fact my 10 day supply of antiinflammitories ended yesterday (early) because one arthritic boyfriend kept sneaking pills from my stash!

Somehow we managed to get somewhere around 7.5 miles done that evening without too much pain.  That included walk, trot and canter. 

Other than my mere survival of the ride, there was a ton to rave about.  It was one of those perfect rides!  I don’t know if Bentley sensed my need for a good ride, if the supplements are cooling him out totally, or if he is just enjoying work so much he has no reason to goof off, but he was wonderful!  Absolutely no funny business, great enthusiastic gaits, relaxed and happy through all the movements, no spooking (thank goodness, I cant imagine what would happen if i was suddenly wrenched sideways!) and perfect canter transitions maintaining through to happy calm canters.

We even saw deer twice while we were riding alone in the corn fields.  First they were statues on the other side of the fence about 25 feet from us. It was a doe and her fawn.  Either he didn’t notice or didn’t care.  Head didn’t even turn their direction.  Next lap we came trotting down the centre of the fields since I didn’t want to spoil their dinner with our speed, but they had moved into our fields and once again were 25 feet away.  They bounded away, over the fence and through the trees, their little white tails flapping.  Bentley looked and got a little excited, but kept his cool and we both watched the deer disappear while keeping our trot.  How many 4 year olds do that!?

The whole time I could walk, trot, and canter on a loose rein and he didn’t try and take advantage and run his excitement out.

Heather and Jay rode with us for one last lap around the fields, Maverick spooked at something and heather fell and landed on her ankle, rolling it.  Bentley didn’t seem to think much of the situation, and let Jay hold him mounted while I helped Heather get back on. 

After darkness fell, we worked in the ring for a while and again he was brilliant, we had  an audience, so that’s always nice!  Worked a bit on happy canters and trotting leg yields and for the most part he got them.  However the tractor, visible only by its headlights at that time, was out delivering roundbales to the paddocks beside the ring and merited a good look instead of a leg yield.  Cant blame him, that thing must be scary for him and I figured he would be through the roof!  A look isn’t bad at all.

We finished the night with Heather and I switching horses, she wanted me to try Mav to see if I noticed something (which i will write about in another post) and she had a nice trot with Bentley too, always a good pickmeup after a rougher ride with the standardbreds 🙂


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