Oktoberfest Plans

Ok, so I know I promised after last time I wasnt going to plan in advance, but planning is my nature and I think I am close enough now to hopefully not jinx myself!

So this is how my Oktoberfest rides are looking:

Me and Bentley FINALLY doing our first ride – 12 mile set speed.  Shooting for 5.34-5.59 mph which would earn us a grade 1 if his heartrate is as low as 40-41, grade 2 from 41-45, grade 3 from 44-48.  Hoping to be somewhere in that range!

Linda and I maybe doing a ride and tie on Sable.  Depending on how my back is feeling about running 6-12 miles.

Linda does her first 50!

I am riding Desiray (the Pecile’s horse) in the 25.  Not sure what their goal for her is so I will assume for now we will be shooting for 7mph.

Heather will ride Bentley assuming Saturday goes well.  Shooting for speed between 4.04 and 5mph.

Now I just need to figure out how to contain my beast overnight. 


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