Update on my Pains

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster.

As I mentioned, I felt pretty darn good on Monday and chose to ride.  Tuesday I was in lots of pain!

Wednesday I rode, considering what happened the first time, but considered that to be “tomorrow’s problem” but Thursday was much better than Tuesday!

Friday, I had intentions of riding again, but after coming to the barn and grooming, I was in far too much pain to ride.  Couldn’t even pick feet.

Saturday I stayed at home and relaxed, didn’t even step out the door, but my pain was much worse again.  Sunday didn’t bring any better results, and again I felt more sore than the day before.

Errr, let me correct that last statement.  The pain itself isn’t increasing, but the number of things that set it off seem to be increasing. Example of this is on Wednesday, I was able to ride walk and trot without pain, but canter wasn’t so fun.  Come Sunday, I was almost crippled with pain as I plugged in the blender in the morning.  The pain was the same level, but it is much easier to come by.  Makes me think I have a pinched nerve or something.  So I literally sat around on the couch all weekend hoping for improvement (something that mentally is very hard for me to do! Especially on one of the last few nice weekends before winter)

Today I had great difficulty opening doors and reaching out to my side.

The plan this week is to not ride at all.  I am miserable sitting at home, but instead I am going to make a drastic last minute plan of doctor’s appointments.

I have physio booked for tomorrow morning, a massage booked for the evening.  I hope that the massage will help whatever is causing this.  Hopefully I will still be good to ride this weekend for Oktoberfest.


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