Ow Ow Ow!

I went to massage yesterday.  It was very deep and painful, but luckily riding has given me the ability to consciously relax parts of my body although instinct says “tense up and hold your breath”  I think the RMT was a bit impressed with my ability to breathe even under the max pressure.

What she wasn’t impressed with however was how much damage is in my back.  She found a lot more than the immediate spasms on my mid left side.  Yes, there was a large knot there, following to another large knot on the side of me, but there was also hard muscles throughout my entire back.  Particularly through my lower back and even on my right side.  I probably just didn’t even notice it was in bad shape because the squeaky rib was getting the grease (or the heat pack in this case).

The thought she had was that while I was in the air, I tensed my whole body, and when I landed, that kind of set the muscles in that state. That would also explain why I felt such pain in my calves immediately after I landed.

There were some looks on her face and tones in her voice of almost surprise about how bad it really is.

Related note: my spasms are a lot worse today.  Had a lot of difficulty sleeping last night because every time I would move, I would be in enough pain to wake me up.  Even woke Lee up once as a result.  I was told to expect this.  Lets hope its worth it and I can still ride come Saturday.


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