Bentley for Partboard

I had to make some difficult decisions today.  The first is Oktoberfest.

After physio this morning I was barely able to walk.  I am still having trouble getting around the office (and yet somehow people keep coming wanting to meet with me, resulting in many trips around the office, up and down the stairs).  I haven’t been to the barn all week, even to feed because its just too much for me. 

So I had to be realistic that in 2 days, I wasn’t going to be convincing my chubby horse onto a trailer, grooming him, tacking him up, setting up fences, riding 12 miles, running another 6, feeding, sleeping in the RV, riding Desi in 25 miles, and then crewing for Linda and my sister as they complete their rides, then packing up, loading him again, driving back again, and then convincing him off again, and then all the cleaning that may result if it ended up being muddy.  Ok I am exhausted just typing it.  I was starting to feel better this morning, but physio is making it feel worse before better. 

I debated bringing him anyway so I didn’t have to disappoint heather, but its really important to me for Bentley’s first ride to be with me, not with her.  Plus it would still be more work than I am ready for just running a brush over him, never mind that other stuff.

Next tough decision was what happens next?

Based on how the physio is going now, i have absolutely no clue when I will be back in the saddle. Its much worse now than it was before (with the exception of immediately after the accident).  I don’t even sleep much because every time my weight shifts I get stabbing pain and lose my breath.

I also start back to work at Halton Place the second weekend into October, which means if I am hopefully well enough to sweep and muck, I still lose a lot of weekend time.  And I am guessing since that’s so soon, sweeping and mucking will be enough strain on me, i wont want to ride after! Of course, I could never consider NOT working at halton place, with the lameness this summer and now my lameness, I really look forward to working there again.  Even while I was riding, I still missed being there.  Plus, Bentley needs new blankets this year as he has grown AND last years blankets got ripped up the shoulders, I doubt they have a full season left in them.  We may even need a new saddle or 2.  Yup.  I have to do that weekend job!

I know whats best for Bentley is for him to have a job, and right now I cant do that for him.  So I am looking for someone to partboard him so he gets all the exercise he needs and I cant currently give him.  Hes a horse that loves to be ridden and I can tell he is pretty down this week because he hasn’t gotten his usual attention.

In case you know anyone interested, here’s my summary:

gray 4 year old arab trakehner cross gelding. Got the warmblood temperament and height, the arab face and endurance. Very flashy appearance and movement. Due to an injury last summer did not compete (now fully healed). Still green, but incredibly quick and happy learner. Just loves to be ridden. Currently trained for low dressage and competitive trail. Walk, Trot, Canter, leg yields wonderfully at walk and trot, shoulder-in at walk. We receive weekly lessons with Level 3 eventing coach and expect continuous improvement. I will be training him to jump low obstacles mid-winter (assuming I heal). No spooking on trails – even when a coyote was chasing a deer!

Great manners, especially for his age. Never bites or kicks. Can get a little too close into personal bubble, he’s an attention hog and just loves his people a little too much. Does well with a rider with very light aids. Very calm even after weeks off. Frames up on his own with light but steady contact. Will put a huge smile on the face of any rider! So responsive, great for someone who wants to learn how to ride quietly. 

The partboarding fees for our barn can be found here: http://georgetownequestrian.wordpress.com/fees/

This makes me sad, but right now its best for both of us 😦


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