Feelin good rollercoaster

This is going to be a quick one, but I just wanted to announce how great I am feeling!

Today I am not getting any of that “take my breath away” pain I have been feeling.  Not opening doors, not turning the steering wheel, not twisting around in my chair.  Yeah I feel good!

Still have a little bit of stiff pain.  Its dull, and always there.  Perhaps whatever is knotting up has released itself finally, and the stiffness is just because it was strained in that way for so long. 

Of course, this leads to all sorts of bad ideas brewing in my brain.  I am seriously reconsidering the thought of doing 1 or 2 short rides this weekend.

Physio this afternoon, then assuming she doesn’t severely hurt me more I will be jumping up in the saddle to see if posting trot hurts.  I still believe strongly that riding did not hurt me, but the grooming did.  Completely different use of the muscles, that theory is a good one and I will continue to believe it if it means I can ride.

The decision will be made 98% tonight whether Bentley will go, and 2% tomorrow morning.

Lee isn’t too happy about this change in mind, but has grudgingly agreed to help out wherever needed should I go through with this.

Wish me luck!


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