Testing testing – Friday night

On Friday, I mentioned that night I would test out my back and see how riding went.

First I had to visit physio and get through that.  Nothing nasty occurred, so the plan still was on.  I wasn’t intending on asking the therapist if I could ride or not, I am used to doctors who like to say no.  BUT. A woman was there with her daughter and asked when her daughter could dance again, and since the topic was brought up, I interjected with my question also.  Surprisingly, she seemed quite supportive of the idea, and reminded me to book an appointment next week.  Either shes expecting lots more bills to come, or its an interesting science experiment for her!  Haha.

So I immediately rushed to the barn, tossed a saddle on Bentley and hopped up for a short test ride.  I rode around the arena for a little bit, walking and trotting.  I felt ok.  Not fabulous, but ok.  Maybe 60% or so.  I also tested a canter in 2 point to see if Bentley would take advantage and run or buck, but he didn’t and although I wasn’t riding very well (my legs felt like they were all over the place) I deemed it passable and that I would indeed be able to ride in Oktoberfest.

Emily was there, I told her she was my witness that I was ok to ride (but had asked her before I mounted to be the witness… I said she can tell everyone if I was good, and we mention it to nobody if I was terrible!  Haha)

One last test, I went out for a quick mile hack around the fields at a lively trot.  Legs still swinging away.  As we came across the far side of the field, I was holding back tears.  Not of pain or disappointment but of joy.  Bentley knew something was up with me, I was a little nervous, and he really took care of me.  I could feel it in the way he moved, he knew not just to behave but somehow managed to convey the message to me that he would help me through my challenges.  What an incredible discussion to have with him!

We stopped at the pear tree and I picked one for him while he nibbled at the ground.  He didn’t take it from my hand at first, I wasn’t sure why.  Then he dropped a pear (that he must have found on the ground and WAS perfectly acceptable) out of his mouth in order to accept the pear I offered him.  What a sweetie!

We trotted away and left it at that.  I came in beaming and bubbling and told Laura about it and how excited I was.  She was so happy for us too!

I went home to pack, and my story will have to continue later… with lots to say about Saturday and Sunday!


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