How we re-habbed

So while I have talked about it endlessly, I think I need a summary of what I did with Bentley to rehab him over the last 2 months since his lameness recurred.

First off: Products/Supplements.
Put on B vitamin to cool him out a little in hopes to stop the field sillies so he may relax and heal.
Put on E/Sel vitamin as he doesnt have access to fresh grass and could use antioxidents
Ayurvedic supplement Re-Prieve from Neachai Equine (http://www.neachai.ca/products.php)
Pot-Of-Gold as a cream after each ride from Neacha (http://www.neachai.ca/products.php)

Weeks 1&2 – At the barn every day, alternated days of work 1 day massage, next day an hour of walking.
Week 3 – Added 5 mins of trot to our rides, down to 1 massage a week.  Hip Stretch, pelvis tucks, shoulder rotation stretches.  Stepping slowly over bales of hay (unmounted).  Tail rotations, Tail pull.  Backing up hill 10 strides.  Walk down paved driveway for 10 mins. Would pick a few of the previous to do each day.
Week 4 – Same stretches and exercises, 10 mins trotting total per workout (broken up into 4 2.5 min intervals).  Lateral work in walk.
Week 5 – Up to 20 mins trotting (4x5mins) per ride.  Lateral work in trot. Had my fall.
Week 6 – Back on for a lesson, walk trot and cantering.
Week 7 – I was not well enough to ride, Heather rode him once.
Week 8 – Tested to see if I was ok, I was!  We completed our 12 miles, FAST, and the leg held up wonderfully.  Heather also completed fast 12 miles.  So 24 miles in one weekend.  No swelling, heat, lameness.  Not even windpuffs.


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