Barefoot horse = no horse shoes for luck

If you are on my facebook, you probably already know a bit about what I am about to say here.

Last night I was in a car accident.


2 theories here:
1) Bad things happen in 3’s – My fall 3 weeks ago, last Friday I had my debit number and pin nabbed from a fraud machine, and now last night car accident.
2) Every 1.5-2 years I am in an accident.  Year and a half ago I was rear ended at a stoplight (luckily that was minor), 2 years before that an oncoming car swerved into my lane and head on collision.  2 years before that I was also rear ended at a light.  The 2 years before that I was just getting my license.

So what actually happened?

I had been marking trail at the barn for the harvest hack this weekend, crossing the creek in my rubber boots (which I had learned ARENT actually waterproof and quickly filled with water).  As soon as darkness fell, I set off to the dollar store to get gift bags for prizes.  On my way, coming up to a red light, I went to brake but my wet boots slipped off the brake immediately and in just an instant I hit the car ahead of me stopped at the red light.

We were both uninjured. A few people came over to help us and make sure we were OK.  Many more people yelled things like “Nice driving!” and “Idiot” from the side of the road (mostly teenagers).  Its nice to know there are so many caring individuals in this world.  I seriously cant comprehend what would make a person so mean. I think back to a few accidents I witnessed as a kid and instead of making judgements, I just dropped everything to help. 

A police officer was actually getting gas at the station right beside where the accident happened.  He was very nice and helpful.  My victim was also very compassionate and accepted my numerous sincere apologies.  They both actually couldn’t have been any nicer, didn’t say a mean word to me, just wanted to help.

So the good news is of course that no injuries happened.  The bad news is, we aren’t sure what will happen to the car, it may be a write off.  Now we just have to wait and see.  I will be looking for an early resolution to my ticket, which hopefully can bring the charges down from careless driving to following too close.  I can continue to take the train to work (which I prefer anyway) and have a rental car to get me other places in the meantime. 

Now I just have to be patient.


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