Catching up

Well I still haven’t ridden Bentley since Oktoberfest.

I’m a bad mum, I know!

I just had too much going on with the Harvest Hack and mileage program at our barn to even consider riding last week, worked on Sunday, and Monday Tuesday were spent catching up on sleep, chores and getting ready for winter.

Hopefully tonight will be the night.  I am waiting to hear if Linda and I are going to have a lesson as per our usual Wednesday routine.

It may be an interesting ride since on Saturday he shook poor Heather S. off not once but twice.  The first time, he was ran into by a horse who at first didn’t want to cross the creek, then bolted into Bentley once he decided that was the only way to get across.  This made Bentley bolt away and Heather just couldn’t stay on.  The next time was when another horse went over a jump, Bentley bolted again.  Perhaps he was still shaken from the first incident.  Hopefully the troubles don’t carry over tonight.


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