Unexpected for our little town

While I was wrapping things up with my potential partboarders and leading Bentley out of the barn, my phone started ringing.  Its mom, she will understand if leave it and call her back, its probably just a reminder to pick up my mail anyway since I have forgotten after barn every night this week.

Then Lee called me, I did answer and he asked “are you going home now” “No I am going back to Halton Place to do my evening chores” but as I finished Lee exclaimed something about a bunch of ambulances and stuff “Don’t worry Lee, its not me this time

So I went back to Halton Place and finished up my chores happily as usual. 

On my way back, I remembered “oh yeah!  the mail, well I guess I should listen to the message” I certainly didn’t expect what I heard on the message.

“Hey Sarah, you should probably come get your mail later today, the police have blocked off all of our road and SWAT is here”


I called back and found out that it had been mostly cleared up, and went right there.

So apparently this is what happened: http://www.theifp.ca/news/updated-neighbourhood-in-shock/

My family could all see SWAT with guns drawn just one house over pointing down the intersection.  Apparently it all happened 4 houses up from the intersection.

My sister caught a few photos of the mayhem (not the actual crime itself, just what our street looked like with all the officers around)  Here’s the one she posted to facebook:

Very unexpected, we live in a town where our doors are unlocked, people are friendly with their neighbors, and the newpaper’s police blotter usually consists of stories like “April – trespasser took down christmas lights on X drive, lights were left on front porch”  Yes, there was a crime committed when someone helped get the point across that lights shouldn’t stay on through spring. I should have kept and framed that story!  Once a story made front page news of a rock being thrown through a window.

I tell you, people will be talking about this for a LONG time.


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