Shopping fun

My sister was around my work last evening, so she waited for me to finish work and offered me a ride home.  She had a bad day so we went for a little retail therapy and Bentley got the night off.

I got a nice bright emerald green sweater which I am wearing today, some earrings (long since overdue since I lost all my studs and have been without earrings for probably 2 months) a swimsuit and beach shoes for our upcoming cruise and a nice sparkly t-shirt.  Of course, Bentley is never out of my mind, and I was hoping to find some cute accessories for his Halloween costume.

It wasn’t until the last store on our stop that I found inspiration.  I cant say what I got or what he is going to be, but the clerk asked me “Are you sure you want TWO of these?” And gave me a look that said I shouldn’t even want one of these.  She seemed satisfied with my answer of “its for my horse” but I am sure she will be telling her friends about the weirdo.

Last year I won the costume contest with Fraser.  I go all out with my horsey costumes.  I plan on winning again this year! 

My best part of that costume?  Totally the shirt cuffs!  But the hat and bow tie is pretty darn cute too.

Oh and also at that last store, a bunch of jelly feeling watches that had stopwatch feature for $2.50.  I bought 4.  I can always use stopwatches.


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